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Welcome, Corporatepathfinder

We envisage to provide one-stop solution for all the compliance needs to run a business. We ensure fully committed & best services as per the convenience of the entrepreneurs & companies affirming to professional ethics & confidentiality.

Through this platform we are striving to aggregate all the laws applicable in India for running a business perfectly and an entrepreneur may access all the services online at affordable cost. Our platform offers professionalism, efficiency and it brings in front all the right solutions done at a very good turnaround time.

We have been a part of the industry since 2013 and we are constantly evolving, all while offering high quality services that you can rely upon. Our team is comprised of professionals, CS, CA, CWA & LL.B. that work hard to bring you the very best solutions you can find in the market. We are always here to assist, and you can rely on us to offer the efficiency and value that you always wanted. Finding the right solutions for your business is extremely important, and there’s definitely a lot of potential to focus on here. With our help, customers will have no problem getting the utmost, highest quality solutions while also working with a team of experts that they can trust.

Nothing is impossible when you work with us, as we can easily aggregate all the laws that are applicable in the country in order to help you run your business the right way. In the end, this can bring in front rewarding results and it will be well worth the investment you had made at the end of the day.

We through this platform are offering wide range of services under various laws like Companies Act, FEMA, GST, Income Tax Act, Labour Law, FSSAI, Drugs & Cosmetic Act, Legal Metrology, Intellectual Property Rights and many more.

We know that nothing is impossible, all you have to do is to let us know what services you need. So, if you need help with any law related tasks, we are here to assist!!!

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